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Every year, 23,000 Americans die from antibiotic-resistant infections.* This is due in large part to misdiagnoses that lead to unnecessary prescriptions. Having a strong antibiotic stewardship program in place at your hospital can help prevent these misdiagnoses — and it all begins in your lab.

McKesson can help you take the next
step in improving clinical outcomes
with comprehensive solutions that not
only combat antibiotic misuse, but also diagnose hospital-acquired infections faster.

They include:

  • Aggressive Diagnostics
    Reduce length of care from clinical suspicion to end of therapy
  • Coordinated Data
    Reduce the time to diagnose
    from days to hours
  • Change Management Support
    Gain support from infectious
    disease experts
*Source: The Centers for Disease Control

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Download our infographic for compelling facts and figures about the antibiotic misuse landscape, and solutions that can help you refine and improve how your hospital handles these challenges and others.


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